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Volleyball Warm-Ups

Can you explain the differences in colors among volleyball uniforms?
A: Certain colors used in volleyball uniforms are just what they sound like. Black is black, white is white, as are orange, purple, and pink.Cardinal is the most confusing color used with most school team colors. Cardinal is very similar to maroon, but these are two different colors. Cardinal has more red in it, while maroon has more purple. Most volleyball uniform manufacturers use cardinal for their uniforms; Adidas, however, uses maroon. Teams that wear cardinal include: NFL: Washington Redskins; College: USC, Arizona State.

Blue is the color with the most variations. Royal blue is a very blue blue. For example, the LA Dodgers, Indianapolis Colts, Duke University all use royal blue. Navy blue is a dark blue. Teams and colleges that use navy blue include New England Patriots, Notre Dame, Dallas Cowboys, and the Chicago Bears. Columbia blue is a powder-blue color used by the University of North Carolina, San Diego Chargers' throwback uniforms, and UCLA.

Green also has many variations. Kelly Green is a "true" green. The Boston Celtics uniforms are kelly green. Most volleyball uniform manufacturers no longer make uniforms in this color. Forest green is a dark green. Most green team uniforms these days are forest green and nearly every volleyball uniform manufacturer uses forest green.

The last two regular colors are scarlet and gold.

Scarlet is red. Teams using this color include Indiana University, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bulls, and the Cincinnati Reds.

Gold is slightly more complicated. Gold comes in two main variations: Vegas gold and Athletic gold. Vegas gold is a sparkly gold. Tachikara puts it on their colored volleyballs, although they call it vintage gold. Football teams, including the San Francisco 49ers, St Louis Rams, UCLA, and Notre Dame, are the main users of Vegas gold in their uniforms. However, if one of your volleyball team's colors is Vegas gold and the uniform that you want doesn't come in Vegas gold, you can always have it screened in Vegas gold.

Athletic gold basically is just yellow. Because it is difficult to make sparkly volleyball uniforms from today's most commonly used fabrics, most gold volleyball uniforms are athletic gold. However, Adidas uses a shade called sandstorm, which is supposed to be similar to Vegas gold but is not quite as sparkly. Adidas does use athletic gold in some of their volleyball shoes. Examples of teams using athletic gold are University of Michigan, USC, Green Bay Packers, and the LA Lakers.

The colors royal blue, kelly green, scarlet, and athletic gold are basically your kindergarten crayon colors of blue, green, red, and yellow.

A few remaining colors are used in some volleyball products, but not always in uniforms. Silver is similar to gold, with a sparkly and non-sparkly variation. Sparkly silver is used mainly in football uniforms, such as those for Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Loins and Ohio State. For volleyball uniforms and volleyballs, light gray substitutes for silver, but it isn't sparkly like the football uniforms.

Choosing colors can be tricky for several reasons, including these:

Different companies' color shades will not match perfectly; It's difficult to describe colors over the phone; The shade of the color you want for your volleyball uniforms may not (and probably isn't) the shade that you see on your computer screen.

If you have any further questions, please call us (800-215-3574) and we'll do our best to answer.