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Volleyball Kneepads Help You Maintain Peak Performance

24th Jul 2014

Many sports are hard on the knees. In fact, sudden impacts, twisting and turning can all do damage. Volleyball involves a great deal of jumping and, in many cases, you will fall or slide on your knees to dig a ball. This can lead to a number of different knee injuries of varying significance, which is why it is so important that you protect this part of your body with some padding. Volleyball kneepads provide a cushion between your knees and the floor, which can prevent some of these injuries from occurring.

Bruises and Scrapes

The first injury types to consider when playing are scrapes and bruises on your knees. While these are not overly serious, they can hinder your performance. For example, if you dive for a ball and it leaves a bruise on one of your knees, you could end up with some swelling. This can prevent you from bending your knees to their full potential when digging for a ball, which can affect your performance. In addition, if you already have a scrape on your knee, you might be less likely to dive for another ball, since you know it will hurt you even more. Wearing volleyball kneepads prevents these injuries from occurring in the first place, so you can perform at a high level.

Kneecap Injuries

While you can probably play through some scrapes and bruises, serious injuries to your kneecaps can put you out of action for a lengthy period. If you have experienced a significant impact to your knee, your kneecaps might feel unstable. Once this occurs, it can become difficult to put any weight on it, even to the point where your knee will give out if you try to play. Pads provide a layer of protection between your kneecaps and the floor, so you do not have to hesitate as you play, which can quickly take you away from your game.

Play Harder

The more confidence you have in your volleyball kneepads, the harder you can play and the better you will perform. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for some high end pads, as they provide shock absorption in addition to padding. The less you are thinking about your knees, the more success you will have on the court and the better your team will play as a whole.