You Never Knew How Many Volleyball Accessories There Were!

17th Sep 2014

You had no idea. You thought all you needed to play volleyball was a ball and a net. Once you become serious about playing you found there are a ton of accessories that can help you elevate your game. For some, backyard competition is more than enough, but for more competitive players, volleyball accessories are necessities.

So What Do You Need?

Whether you’re a new or an experienced player, there are things you need to compete at the high level you demand of yourself and your teammates. Playing in a recreational league can be just as competitive and demanding on your body as playing in an Olympic setting. So here are some things you need before you hit the court.

  • Socks: Simple as that may sound, you need socks with footstrike cushioning. You’ve got to do all you can to protect your feet from those hard and sometimes awkward landings. Your socks should also have some sort of moisture management. Keeping your feet cool and dry protects them.
  • Kneepads: Ever dive and land knees first on hard wood? If you play volleyball, you have. That’s why good knee pads are so important. You also need them to fit like a second skin. You don’t want your mobility affected or your comfort level compromised. Some even use memory foam as their padding. They’ve come a long way.
  • Braces: So your knees, ankles and elbows aren’t what they used to be. Through injury or age, they may need a little extra support and protection. Relieve pressure and provide support to the joints that need it so your game stays at the same high level you’ve grown accustomed to.

Accessories for Your Stuff

Volleyball accessories aren’t just for you to put on. They’re for getting your stuff where you’re going. You need a backpack that can carry more than your water bottle. You need one that will carry a ball too. And speaking of balls, if you have a lot of them, a ball bag is a necessity. What if a ball has deflated a little? That’s why you need an inflation pump. Need to draw up a play or two? A dry erase clipboard will do the trick. Don’t start your game without thinking about all the things you need besides a net and a ball!