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Many more volleyballs and different kinds of volleyballs are produced today than ever before. At, we carry only the best volleyballs and the most popular volleyballs, like those made by Mikasa, Molten, Spalding, Tachikara and Wilson. There are many types of volleyballs available, and many decisions to make, like Indoor Volleyballs vs. Outdoor Volleyballs.
The first major consideration is whether the volleyball is an indoor volleyball or an outdoor volleyball. Indoor volleyballs are molded, whereas outdoor volleyballs are stitched. The seams between the panels on the volleyball will look different and are produced differently.

Indoor Volleyballs: On indoor volleyballs, the panels are glued to an inner lining, so the seams look smooth on the volleyball. This production method gives the volleyball more consistent playability. Indoor volleyballs weigh just a little less than outdoor volleyballs, because indoor volleyballs do not need to contend with blowing wind.

Outdoor Volleyballs: On outdoor volleyballs, it is obvious that the panels are sewn, because you can see the holes and the threads holding the panels together. This stitching makes the volleyball more durable. Outdoor volleyballs also weigh just a little more than indoor volleyballs to prevent the volleyball from blowing in the wind as much.